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Sunday, July 09, 2006

teaching them the right way when they're young

After working five hours on Saturday, I jumped into my car and drove to Frisco, TX to meet up with my aunt and two cousins. It was a weekend of falling in-love with the Frisco Mall, seeing Priates of the Carribean 2, eating at The Cheesecake Factory, sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever (AKA a nice queen-size at the Westin/Stonebriar Resort), looking at beautiful 6-bedroom houses, and laying out by the pool.

She's smart, my aunt. Her kids are 10 and 15. Already they know th wonders of the Westin.

I was raised in nice hotels. But not the Westin. So I am only partially programmed to become a shopaholic, compulsive money spender and etc.

My dad takes care of me enough. But I still live in an apartment complex considered to be the ghetto of Norman, OK - not that there is a real true ghetto here of course. Luckily, Morgan and I are staying in a nice little 5-star hotel in NYC for 4 days and 3 nights. Right in the heart of the theatre district.

I told my dad he was incredible. Guess I have not been programmed to only want the finest things in life.. at least not yet.

At 21, I will become a study to see if "old dogs can learn new tricks", meaning I will learn if the rich aspects of life really are that much better and if I can be programmed to want only the finest things.


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