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Thursday, June 22, 2006

let down, yet again, by where i live

We received a notice on our door today that read "you have a package!" The excitement I felt was not promimently displayed, but that is because I have done nothing but sleep all day long and feel sick and stare at my very very messy room and enjoy the fact that I skipped class (both classes) and have been irresponsible for the past two days.

I sent Rachel to retrieve the package. It would either be package #1 from my mom that she sent almost a week and a half ago. Or it would be package #2.

Package #1 holds a delightful low-cut shirt I am missing, a skirt my mom hemmed for me (that I am hoping fits better now), and an envelope in which I am to send my garage door opener back to my parents. That is due to the fact that I no longer have a permament residence and my parents need the garage door opener from our former residence so that the new residents of the house I lived in can open and close the garage door from inside of their cars.

Package #2 is cookbooks and books about Michigan.

Unfortnately, the package was nothing more than a bag of candy.

To my apartment complex, I say DO NOT TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THIS! And stop putting flyers for the tacky hot bod contest outside my door.


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