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Sunday, June 18, 2006

caboooooooooooo here we come

This weekend has been what we call a girls' weekend.

It all began on Friday. Rachel, Brandy, and I met for lunch at Panera Bread thanks to my nifty one-hour lunch break from work. I went back to work, and they soon went to their own respective jobs as we have yet to find sugar daddy's to fund our lives.

After work, Rachel and I were set to take a nap together. A Joey/Ross nap if you will. Instead we played with her brand new cell phone and downloaded ringtones for her new phone and for my phone. This was also when we burned the Summer Girls (coming to a theatre near you on July 26, 2006) soundtrack.

Rachel then took a nap without me while Brandy and I went running. After it was time to shower and make ourselves look presentable for the midnight showing of The Lake House where it proceeded to pour. This resulted in running (well not running really as I had an umbrella and we were in my car so I walked and they got very, very wet while I remained dry) to the car and then barely surviving the drive along I-35 due to Oklahoma's lack of drainage systems anywhere in the state.

Saturday began slowly until Solene, Alode (Rachel and I's two new roommates), and I met Brandy at the mall for some shopping. Rachel was still in her pajamas at 3pm so she didn't get to go.

During this excursion, I acted as the boyfriend. This means I was the one sitting and waiting while everyone tried on clothes and debated over whether or not to buy anything.

Eventually Brandy joined me. She sat on the floor, her back pressed against one of the floor-length mirrors, and I remained in the chair. That's when it happened, when I mentioned the gloriousness of Spring Break and how amazing a trip to Cabo would be for that week.

Brandy agreed. I said (several times) "I really want to go to Cabo". And she responded with a jaw dropping smile and said "Oh we're going to Cabo".

In order to do this, money must be saved. Brandy and I started that yesterday as I spent under $40 at Victoria's Secret and we each only got one drink while out last night at Champion's for dinner.

Then there is the fact that we all (Rachel, Brandy, and I) proceeded to get our hair cut at the mall, and I got mine dyed as well.

Yes. Saving money. We are so good at it.

Still, Cabooooooooooooooo Spring Break '07!


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