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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

adventures with awkward situations and peeing in a cup

After a long process of filling out more applications than any one person should have to, I got a new job.

I would like to thank my parents for always believing in me and supporting me still even as I am an adult. I would also like to thank Morgan, my MIA roommate of last year and soon to be roommate next year, for always making me smile and for cuddling on the couch when I am stressed out. When you play with my hair, I feel like I can do anything.

Last, but certainly not least, to my summer group. I would be nothing without you.

Thank you.

Seriously, though, I have a job now. One that will keep me on my toes, I hope.

In order to have this job, I had to go take a drug test.

There is a boy in one of my classes, we'll call him McStudent.

McStudent also got hired yesterday. I know this because I saw him there, not because I am a stalker. I only stalk people I know well and very very pretty people. I promise.

When I saw McStudent in class today, I asked him if he was planning to take his drug test today. He said no, so I said I was going right after class if he wanted to tag along. He did. after a very boring (and dragged out) lecture, I met McStudent at his apartment and we drove to OKC for the drug test, stopping at a Phillips 66 on the way so that our bodies would be filled with liquids and no 'pee anxiety' would happen.

We arrive at the testing center. We begin to fill out paperwork. I discover I left my license somewhere on my bedroom floor but luckily have my trusty OU Student ID. I feel pretty dumb as I was speeding along I-35 instead of going the speed limit. I can just see showing the officer my student ID and hoping he is a Sooners fan so I don't get slammed with a ticket.

McStudent takes his drug test first as he finished filling out the paper work before I did. I wait and twiddle my thumbs and read some of my textbook. He comes back and sits next to me. We wait.

After five to ten (maybe more) minutes, he looks at me. "Did they forget about you?"

"I was wondering the same thing," I said. Though it was more mumbled.

McStudent stands up to find out if theyh forgot me only to discover they are about to call my name. Hooray!

I go and take my drug test. The Diet Dr. Pepper I chugged helps the process be a smooth and quick one.

When I walk back into the lobby, McStudent is gone. I look outside, thinking maybe he is on the cell phone. No luck there. So I go back inside and ask one of the nurses if they know where he is. Maybe the Gatorade he drank is catching up with him again. But they have no clue.

So I wait. I go outside and stand for a few minutes, then go back inside and sit. I am feeling quite dumb as I am ready to go but can not leave McStudent.

He walks in with a Game Stop bag in hand. I stand up and double over with laughter as I exit the wonderful clinic.

"I was hoping you wouldn't go that quickly," he said.

"You bought a video game?" I ask. "That's proof of a true boy. He walks in for a drug test and leaves with a new video game."


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