CANNONBALL! into the water

because sometimes you just have to jump and hope you won't get hurt.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

things of beauty, take two

♥ It started out with a kiss / How did it end up like this / It was only a kiss
♥ Margarita Swirl sno-cones
♥ Hair cuts
♥ Grey's Anatomy
♥ Going to bed early
So God help me keep moving somehow / Don't let me start wish I was with him now
♥ Green, green grass
♥ Studying outside at five o'clock
♥ Healing phone calls
I'm getting out, kissing the past goodbye / Like Toby said: "How do you like me now?"
♥ Going barefoot
♥ Driving with the windows down and aviator sunglasses on
♥ Sunshine after a rainstorm
I'm not saying I'm battered or bruise / Though I might as well be with the words you use / I believe in myself; that makes me stronger

things of beauty

I'm looking for forever always / In the sky and on the bi-ways / I don't care how I look to the rest
♥ Old wrestling tee-shirts
♥ Tank top weather
So put on those clothes you never grew into / And smile like you mean it for once
♥ Old houses with walls painted red
♥ Mashed potatoes with cheese
♥ Fountain diet dr. pepper
♥ Scenic drives
♥ Sunday lunches after church